YouTuber David Dobrik Is ‘Stranded’ in Slovakia Over a Green Card Snafu

The Vlog Squad influencer was filming a Discovery+ special overseas

YouTube sensation David Dobrik was psyched to share his first time leaving the U.S. with his 18.3 million followers, but two weeks into his European vlogging adventure he found himself trapped in his native Slovakia over complications with his immigration status.

Dobrik, 25, and his YouTube pack, the Vlog Squad, weren’t just filming their trip for their usual fans, but also for an upcoming ten-part Discovery+ special called Discovering David Dobrik. But even having a big TV network involved didn’t save him from the complications of a Byzantine immigration system.

“Hi guys, sorry I haven’t been too active on social media,” Dobrik said in an Instagram story Wednesday, Insider reports. “Everyone went back home because this is taking way longer and it’s a lot harder than I thought it was getting my visa and green card.”

Dobrik came to the States when he was six, and is protected under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) immigration policy, which allows children of undocumented immigrants to live in the U.S. legally. While DACA recipients risk being denied reentry to the country if they travel abroad without specific permission from the government, Dobrik announced two weeks ago that he had finally gotten U.S. permanent residency status—or his green card—which should have allowed him to travel freely, so it’s unclear why there’s a holdup.

By way of explanation, Dobrik offered only, “This like a fucking scavenger hunt, so I’m apologizing because I can’t get any vlogs up or anything. I hope to return to the States soon. It’s like I’m lost. I’m literally stranded. Wish me luck.”

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