Darren Starr Won’t Address Ukrainian War in ‘Emily In Paris’

Despite the Netflix series having a Ukrainian character, the show creator tells Los Angeles magazine why there’s no plans to include the conflict.

Netflix’s hit series Emily In Paris was just renewed for a season three and four, but despite having a Ukrainian character, show runner Darren Starr won’t address the current war with Russia in the upcoming seasons. 

“We’re not planning to address the war at all,” Starr told LA Mag at the show’s Paleyfest red carpet. “The show stays pretty timeless in that sense.” 

Throughout the sophomore season of the romantic-comedy, Emily (Lily Collins) befriended a Ukrainian woman named Petra, played by Daria Panchenko. The role received a lot of backlash for portraying Eastern Europeans as stealing criminals in a light-hearted program. The character was further criticized by Ukraine’s culture minister calling the portrayal “offensive.” 

Nonetheless, Starr hopes the future seasons of the show can remain relatable, fun and of course, glamorous.

“A season 2 pick up gives us opportunities to make it richer and just to think we can think about season 4 while we’re writing season 3, it allows us to just think in a bigger way,” Starr said. 

“I would love to see Emily in Rome, that wouldn’t be bad, but she’s busy in Paris,” he added. “I don’t think we’re changing the title of the show so I think it’s a good bet that she’s going to stick around [in Paris].” 

Watch Emily In Paris seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix.

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