Universally-Beloved Slimmons Studio Has New Occupant: Kym Herjavec from Dancing With The Stars

If Richard Simmons exercises in public again, it will not be at Slimmons studio, which is gone

The Slimmons studio in Beverly Hills was a local treasure. It was a place to go with friends–or maybe a mom or an aunt–and take a workout class with none other than everyone’s favorite fitness guru Richard Simmons himself. As the whole world knows, Simmons has stepped away from public life. In doing so, his studio has now passed into the hands of Kym Herjavec, from Dancing With The Stars. Herjavec’s gym is called The BOD (9306 Civic Center Dr.), and it offers dance and fitness classes. The BOD opened May 9.

“I just couldn’t bare the thought of that space being turned into an office with cubicles, so I spoke with the landlord and she felt the same way,” Herjavec told People. “She said, ‘I’m so glad that someone is taking it over that will keep it a fitness space because he did so much for so many people,’ and I’m hoping to continue that.”

From the olden days…

The new space…

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