Daily Harvest Launches ‘Groundbreaking’ Vegan Product At L.A. Pop Up

Gone are the days of tasteless and unsustainable food options. Daily Harvest has a new product that is about to change the plant based diet game. No labs, no artificial flavoring, just real veggies.

Listen up LA vegans, Daily Harvest has a new “groundbreaking” protein out on the market that is improving the health and taste profiles of alternative meat products. 

“Crumbles is a protein source made completely by plants,” Vice President of Community & Advocacy at Daily Harvest, CJ Frogozo, told Los Angeles magazine. 

“A lot of the alternative meats are made with hydrogenated whatever’s, it’s made from a lab, not the ground,” Frogozo added. “Ours is so groundbreaking because we are literally basing the Crumbles on nuts, legumes, seeds, cauliflower, butternut squash and mushrooms, so it’s better for you, it’s better for the planet and it has 13 grams of protein per serving.”

The versatile plant-based protein is also free of gums, fillers, hydrogenated oils, or artificial flavoring. The Crumbles currently come in two flavors: Walnut + Thyme and French Lentil + Leek. 

“Both are seasoned, but they’re like a blank canvas. You can add anything to them and the flavors won’t compete,” Frogozo said, adding Crumbles is a great option for carnivores as well because it will satisfy their cravings in a healthier way. 

“If you want to add cheese to your Crumbles, by all means, go crazy,” Frogozo said. “But what we see is by adding more fruits and vegetables and more plant-based foods into your life, it really truly is better for the planet.” 

Frogozo continued to explain how Daily Harvest’s mission influenced their decision to break away from the lab molds of the very crowded industry, and instead invent a recipe that doesn’t exactly taste like mock meat, but satisfies that flavor profile.  

“The alternative meat market is about a $1.4 billion industry, but it’s not always made with the best ingredients,” Frogozo said. “For us, we don’t have any additives in our food, so it wasn’t an option for us to make a hydrogenated soy product. We had to take what we had: the nuts, the legumes, and make something delicious.” 

Daily Harvest is celebrating the launch of their newest product by setting up a Chop Shop Pop-Up that will instantly transport customers to an old school butcher, but trade the meat for fruits and veggies, in the heart of Venice this weekend.

“Abbot Kinney BLVD is where everyone is right now. There’s so much foot traffic, and a lot of our customers live in Los Angeles and they want to experience Daily Harvest in real life, so it seemed like a natural fit,” Frogozo said. 

Guests will be greeted by a plant-powered deli counter where they can order veggie versions of Italian classics such as Meatball Subs, Pesto Paninis and Chopped Salads – all complementary and made with Crumbles. According to Frogozo, customers need “very little” kitchen knowledge to recreate these recipes. 

“You put them in a pan, you put oil on it, you sauté them for six minutes, let them rest for a minute and then enjoy,” Frogozo said. “It is unlike anything you’ve ever had because it is purely based on nuts, legumes, vegetables and seeds. You have to try it because the texture is delicious, the flavor is delicious and you get all the protein you need, without any ingredients you can’t pronounce.” 

Experience Daily Harvest’s Chop Shop Pop-Up at 1306 Abbot Kinney May 21st and 22nd from 11am-6pm PST, and purchase Crumbles on DailyHarvest.com for $9.79.