DABS MYLA’s Maniacal Pop-Up Gallery Show Is Closing Soon

Before & Further will shut its doors on Sunday. Get in while you can

Australian artists DABS MYLA have turned a factory in Vernon into a pop-up gallery by covering the walls with their cheerful, cartoonish art. The installation, called Before & Further, appeared in the Modernica factory on October 17, and its throughline is a vaguely psychotic-looking animal with a face that alternately resembles a chipmunk, a fox, and a cat, grinning like a maniac as it peers out over every wall and surface in the building. The artists make excellent use of tangerine orange, sky blue and Pepto pink, creating a child-like aesthetic that’s almost reminiscent of late 1990s Paul Frank.

The gallery will be be up until this Sunday, November 15.

Before & After is showing at the Modernica Factory, 2891 Saco St, Vernon, CA 90058. 323-583-8284.