Area Man Says He Saw Knife-Wielding Clown in Santa Clarita

L.A. finally gets in on the whole creepy clown thing

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies in Santa Clarita are searching for a knife-wielding creepy clown who may or may not actually exist.

Here’s what we know about what went down in Santa Clarita. According to reporting by Frank Shyong of the Los Angeles Times, a man we’ll call the Smoking Man (you’ll see why in a sec) told police that he was smoking a cigarette in front of his house at around 6 AM Sunday, as one does, “when a 6-foot man dressed as a clown approached him and brandished a knife.”

The Smoking Man did what any sensible person would do. He quickly went inside, locked the door and alerted the police. And by went inside, locked the door and alerted the police I mean he pulled out a gun and fired a warning shot or shots into the air and then called the sheriff’s department, whereupon responding deputies arrested the Smoking Man for weapons and narcotics possession.

Deputies at the scene were unable to find a single hilarious clue, and when they closed their eyes, they failed to hear the sound of gentle mirth on the wind. Officers did discover a man in a clown mask hiding in some bushes a few blocks away, but the Smoking Man said the clown he saw was a different clown, because things get a little weird in Santa Clarita at 6 AM.

This case is just the latest of the many creepy clown sightings across the country that sound mostly imaginary or are pranks but OK hey sure let’s all treat this like a real thing anyway.