Metro Knows You’re Not Listening To Its Respectful Pleas, Says Eff it, Releases These Videos

Every day brings us closer to our inevitable <em>Blade Runner</em> future

We all know #thestruggleisreal when it comes to public transportation etiquette. Which is why Metro has released a trio of new PSAs to encourage passengers to use good manners on the bus and the subway. Modern man has evolved to ignore sensible advice from authority figures, so Metro recruited viral video director and L.A. resident Mike Diva to spice things up—and oh, boy, did he.

“We knew from the start we wanted something quirky, fun and memorable, something that would remind people about Metro etiquette without looking like a traditional government agency PSA,” John Gordon, director of social media for L.A. Metro, told Adweek.

The videos, styled like Japanese TV commercials, feature YouTube star Anna Akana as Super Kind, a superhero who conquers rudeness with catchy songs. From seat hogs to messy eaters, Super Kind has a solution to all of the bad behavior she encounters as a Metro rider.

If this doesn’t work, it’s time for Metro to consider small-scale tactical nuclear strikes.

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