Are Couples’ Tattoos Cute or Crazy? Local Artists Weigh In

Might want to think before you ink

L.A. needle-wielders share what does and doesn’t work when it comes to couples’ ink.

Kim Saigh

Memoir Tattoo

“A cute couple recently got anthropomorphic otters asleep, hand in hand. I discourage large-scale affirmations of love and push for small, symbolic, easy-to-cover couple tattoos.”

Zoey Taylor

The Warren Tattoo

“The most memorable one I did was for this couple who got portraits of each other on themselves. They were very much in love and genuinely stoked to see their loved one’s face right there on their arm…forever. Crazy to me, but adorable to watch.”

Karina Mayorga

Ink Ink Tattoo

“Getting one another’s names is a jinx no matter how long you’ve been together,
even if you’re ‘soul mates.’ Based on an informal survey over the last 27 years, I’d estimate that about 98 percent of couples who do it are broken up in six months or less.”

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