Could Ezra Miller’s Career Be Gone in A Flash?

”The Flash” star has been showing signs of burnout through several recent controversies

UPDATE: APRIL 12The Hawaiian couple mentioned in the article have dropped their restraining order today, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

TUESDAY, APRIL 12 — One of the D.C. Universe’s biggest stars might be burning a little too brightly for their own good as The Flash‘s Ezra Miller—one of the most popular nonbinary celebs in Hollywood—seems to be speeding from one mess to another lately.

As recounted by Vox, the Fantastic Beasts actor’s most recent kerfuffle was a March arrest for disorderly conduct and harassment at a karaoke bar in Hawaii. Miller allegedly acted out due to their aggravation with another guest’s rendition of the Lady Gaga-Bradley Cooper ballad, “Shallow.”

Further details of the arrest depict Miller yelling obscenities, grabbing a mic from a singing woman, and lunging at a man enjoying a game of darts. They were released from custody after paying $500 bail.

However, such behavior has seemingly become run-of-the-mill for Miller of late, as one couple filed a restraining order against them and rumors began to surface alleging the actor frequently had breakdowns while filming the somewhat-anticipated The Flash standalone film.

Prior to the restraining order incident, Miller was reported to have been the subject of ten police complaints over the course of a month. They had reportedly been staying in the small town of Hilo, Hawaii, and bunking at a hostel along with another couple that Miller met at a local farmers market—and who also paid the bail after Miller’s arrest.

Miller’s career now faces uncertainty, as a Rolling Stone report claimed that Warner Bros. held an emergency meeting and decided to put all of their upcoming projects on indefinite hold. This means that their anticipated appearances in Fantastic Beasts and The Flash might not hit screens for a while.

Miller’s been on a hot streak since they were a kid, debuting in the New York premiere of Philip Glass’s opera White Raven at Lincoln Center in 2001. They went on the describe that experience as “the most profound ego boost that an 8-year-old could possibly receive.”

From there, Miller scored their first TV role in Showtime’s Californication, and later took the lead role in Antonio Campo’s Afterschool, which debuted at Cannes later that year.

Miller then dropped out of Hoboken’s Hudson School during their junior year, after a Sopranos-esque dream involving German composer Ludwig van Beethoven.

“He was crying, and he said, ‘The four symphonies I’ve written are no good. They’re just, like, not enough.’ And I was like, ‘You write five more! Keep going!’ And I woke up in a cold sweat and I was like, ‘I need to drop out of school,’” Miller told New York magazine back in 2012.

Then came breakout roles in 2011’s We Need to Talk About Kevin and 2012’s Perks of Being a Wallflower, followed by a hotel noise complaint and detention by police for marijuana possession.

From there, things began to escalate for Miller as they spontaneously kissed a fan at Comic-Con in 2020 and were involved in a violent confrontation while in Reykjavik, Iceland.

While at a bar in the country’s capital city in April, 2020, Miller was approached by a group of fans. Miller allegedly appeared to become increasingly agitated, and abruptly asked one woman, “Did you want to fight?” before grabbing her neck, choking her, and throwing her to the ground.

Speculation about the reasons behind Miller’s behavior vary widely. As Miller once put it, “you have to set things on fire and then yell to feel even remotely okay.”

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