The Scene Inside Comic-Con’s Wildest Parties

Four nights. Six parties. Lots of party people.

With lines that a stretch for blocks, Comic-Con’s flashy, brand sponsored nighttime parties are starting to give Hall H a run for its money.

The after-hours fun kicked off Wednesday with Level Up: The Pop Insider’s Con Kick-Off Party. While some attendees were camping out for must-see Thursday panels, lots of others were drinking, dancing, and playing free arcade games, which in hindsight seems like the correct decision.

On Thursday we pulled double duty, going to both the Fandom Party Featuring R.U.N., the First Live Action Thriller by Cirque du Soleil, at Float and Stranger Things-themed the Upside Down from our friends at Nerdist, held at Fluxx night club. Friday we returned to Float for the WBTV Media Mixer, where guests mingled with celebs while eating amazing food and playing carnival games, and then hit up the Awesome Mixer Vol. 2 powered by Crunchyroll at Fluxx.

On Saturday, roving performers wowed crowds at the Carnival Row: Come As You Are Party, themed to the forthcoming series starring Cara Delevingne and Orlando Bloom. Amazon screened the first two episodes of the show for guests, but don’t even try hitting us up for spoilers.

All photos by Star Foreman.