The Coachella Food Lineup Might Be Better Than the Music Lineup

With apologies to Radiohead

Music festivals now offer next-level food experiences, as they should. When our ancestors danced and drank out in the fields, no doubt they ate well, too. Coachella’s “Outstanding in the Field” is a four-course, family-style, seated dinner and drinks experience in a shaded outdoor setting. The music lineup is solid, but the food lineup has more than a few local and national stars…

Weekend 1
Friday, April 14
Neal Fraser (Redbird)
Donnie Masterton (The Restaurant in Mexico)
Paul Kahan (Blackbird in Chicago)

Saturday, April 15
Jamie Bissonnette (Toro in NYC and Boston)
Ken Oringer (Uni in Boston)
Jamie DeRosa (
Izzy’s Fish & Oyster)
Alex Chang (Exchange at the Freehand LA)

Sunday, April 16
Alvin Cailan (Eggslut)
Nakul Mahendro (BADMAASH)
Bruce Kalman (UNION)

Weekend 2
Friday, April 21
Jet Tila (The Charleston)
Perry Cheung (Phorage)
Louis Tikaram (E.P. & L.P)

Saturday, April 22
Vartan Abgaryan (71 Above)
Charles Olalia (Ricebar)
Eduardo Ruiz (CORAZON Y MIEL)

Sunday, April 23 (Power Ladies)
Nyesha Arrington (Leona)
Antonia Lofaso (Scopa)
Dakota Weiss (Sweetfin Poké & Estrella)

Dinner Only – $225
Dinner + GA pass  – $225 + $399
Dinner + VIP pass – $225 + $899

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