Madison Triplett is Preparing Her Royal Wave

How the 17-year-old math whiz from Pasadena became queen for a day (and a year)

On January 1 Rose Queen Madison Triplett will preside over Pasadena’s annual cavalcade of flowery floats. The Marshall Fundamental Secondary School senior, who plans to major in economics or finance, first dreamed of becoming local royalty at age seven. Here are five more tidbits about Triplett and her ascension to the title:

  • The competition for Rose Queen began in September with 700 hopefuls and consisted of four interview rounds. “In the Pasadena area it’s sort of a rite of passage to try out for the court,” she says.
  •  “In the third round I was asked, ‘What’s something no one knows about you?’ I told them that sometimes I record myself singing and listen to it. They started laughing. I didn’t know whether or not that was a good thing.”
  • On New Year’s Day, Madison will wake up at 2:15 a.m. before being chauffeured to the Tournament House to begin prepping for the 126th Rose Parade.
  • How to wave like a pro: Cup your fingers together, hold your arm at a 90-degree angle, and move only your forearm.
  • Madison plans to pursue a career in finance and start a nonprofit to educate minorities on financial literacy.