Check Out Future Filmmakers at Redstone Before They Go Big

The annual film festival for up and coming producers, writers, and directors hits L.A. this week

The annual Redstone film festival, happening at the Director’s Guild of America on Thursday, presents a unique opportunity to see the work of the next generation of filmmakers before they pen a big contract in Hollywood. Every year, students at Boston University’s prestigious Film & Television department submit a film for the festival. The finalists then get to screen their work at Redstones events in Boston, New York, and L.A.

This year’s L.A. ceremony is hosted by Nora Grossman, an alum of the program herself, who most recently produced the Oscar nominated The Imitation Game. Other famous former students at the Film & Television Department include writer/producer Corrine Brinkerhoff (Jane the VirginThe Good Wife), director Chris Koch (Modern Family), and producer Joe Roth (MaleficentSnow White and the Huntsman).

Tickets are $10 and you can buy them right here.

The finalists are:

Ida’s 85th [14:00]
Julia Iglesias
When Ida learns about the death of a close friend on her 85th birthday, she decides to throw a party for the ages – well, the aged – while her overbearing daughter expects her over for a birthday dinner.

Tianjin Driver [9:00]
Sara Doering
A Tianjin local takes us on a journey through her city and her life as a woman cab driver in China. 

Winter/Spring [12:00]
Bryan Sih
A young couple, expecting their first child, negotiates the rocky terrain of impending parenthood. 

Rest In Peace, Albert Lively [19:00]
Jack Garrett
Maggie Miller travels with her ex, Paul Santy, to the funeral of Albert Lively, an old friend who may or may not be actually dead. Along the way thoughts of their childhood bring Maggie and Paul closer, but ultimately she must face the truth about Paul, about Albert, and about herself. 

Vows [19:00]
Fannar Thor Arnarsson
A young woman, pregnant, alone and frightened, finds that there are many ways to get in trouble, and sometimes only one way out.

The Phoenix [13:00]
Jim Dandee
A girl spends her days with a close-knit group of friends. One night, excessive drinking leaves her unable to access the truth of what happened during a party. The doubt leaves her distant and self-destructive until she confronts the simple truth of that night. 

After [6:30]
Emily Sheehan
A woman caught up in an affair struggles to choose between two very different possible lives.