Check Out Some of Our Favorite Pieces From the Massive L.A. Art Show

The annual fair returns to the Convention Center for its 24th year

With over 90 galleries in attendance, walking into the annual L.A. Art Show at the Convention Center can be a bit disorienting. The expansive, brightly lit space is filled with a dizzying display of art that’s as diverse as Los Angeles itself. It’s easy to find yourself strolling aimlessly like a modern-day flâneur, waiting for something to pique your interest. But be warned: sensory burnout is real (we wouldn’t consider it overload, as it happens slowly, the weight of your eyelids steadily increasing until you realize you aren’t really taking in that $12,200 piece you’re looking at). To make things easier, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite pieces from the show. But let’s be real—we can’t claim to be the ultimate arbiters of taste. We recommend you go for yourself and find what makes you tick. Plus, the people watching is too excellent to pass up. L.A. Art Show is open through Sun., Jan. 14.

“Water” by Gosia

“Matchbox Cityscape” by Andrew Burgess

“Mareme” and “Aissatou” by Carla Kranendonk

“Dogma” by Cristobal Valecillos

“Selina” by Jenny Boot

“Icons” by Parker Day

“Ax Girl” by Xevi Vilaro

“Three Heads Are Better Than..” by Fred Tieken

“Still Life” by Gershon Kreimer

“Aporías Móviles” by Nuna Mangiante

“My Path Towards Spring” by Margaret Keane

“Synaesthesia: What is the Taste of the Color Blue?” by Building Bridges Art Exchange

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“Left or Right” by Antuan

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