The Man Behind Chateau Marmont and the Standard Is Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Multiple women have spoken out against hotelier André Balazs

André Balazs, the owner Chateau Marmont and other hotels, and founder of the Standard hotel chain, stands accused of multiple acts of sexually assaulting women, according to reporting in The New York Times. 

The Times story details the stories of several women—including social acquaintances of Balazs and his employees—who reported Balazs’ groping, forced kissing, and other assaults. These accounts have been corroborated by the Times, including in the form of old emails saved by a former Chateau Marmont employee.

Among the women who have come forward is actress Amanda Anka, who attended a film premiere party with her husband, actor Jason Bateman, at Balazs’ London property, Chiltern Firehouse. At the party Balazs was seen putting his hand up Anka’s skirt and grabbing her crotch after Balazs insisted she attempt to climb a ladder.

In March, Balazs resigned his role with Standard International, which he founded and launched in 1999 with the West Hollywood location. At the time, he stated the move was to focus more on his other hotels and residential properties and expanding his boutique hotel holdings around the world.

Credited with making Chateau Marmont “cool again” after buying it in 1990 and cultivating a crowd of then-hip Hollywood stars like Johnny Depp, Balazs bragged to the Telegraph earlier this year that he employed Ivanka Trump as an intern at his company for a summer and was, he claimed, complimented for his “good job” with women by Donald Trump.

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