Charlie Sheen Is Winning You Back — At Least His Soundtrack Is

The album for meta-movie “A Glimpse Inside The Mind of Charles Swan III” offers unrelentingly sweet sounds

Charlie Sheen is standing outside of your window right now. He’s wearing baggy blue jeans, an oversized camel coat and gripping a boom box overhead in outstretched arms. And by god, he’s winning you back. He’s winning you back.

Instead of a classic Peter Gabriel tune, Sheen is blasting the unrelentingly sweet soundtrack of his upcoming film, A Glimpse Inside The Mind of Charles Swan III, which drops today, three days before the release of the film. Directed by Roman Coppola and co-starring Jason Schwatzman and Bill Murray, the movie (set in ’70s Los Angeles) stars Sheen as a sex-fueled graphic designer whose life goes into a tailspin after a romantic bustup. The album oozes the optimism and contrition of a midlife crisis, which is perfect accompaniment for a film that serves as meta-exploration of Sheen’s recent drug-fueled combustion.

Increasingly vintage Chicago rocker Liam Hayes (a.k.a. Plush) lends a mature and weathered gravity to each of the songs. The highlight of the soundtrack is the tender, flirty, and shockingly in-tune duet between Sheen and costar Katheryn Winnick as they cover Antonio Carlos Jobim’s “Águas de Março,” but the entire 22-track album consistently charms. One of the best moments is the final track, a rough demo of the earlier “A Glimpse Inside.” For a movie and a lead actor that so perceptibly embody second chances and regrouping, the melancholy, unpolished version of the titular track is just right.

A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III opens in theaters February 8th.