Changing Shape


Eat less. Move more. That, according to yoga instructor Anthony Benenati, is “the only diet plan you need.” He said so while stretching at the front of his class last Friday morning, then spent the session weaving in and out of the rows of mats and students that filled City Yoga’s upstairs studio.

It was too simple and too obvious a statement for me to ponder at the time—I was busy trying to move my hips down, inhale, and shoulder blades back, exhale, into position before he brushed by—but now that 2011 and the annual onslaught of fitness industry marketing has hit, it seems like sanity-saving advice for those looking to get in shape without feeling overwhelmed. No need to spend time decoding all those gym membership discounts being offered or reading the fine print on the latest diet tools and supplements (sorry, Dexatrim!). Just eat less, move more. Seems doable, right?

Benenati also said that changing something about yourself is the hardest thing to do. I’m starting with my posture.