Celebrity Endorsement Tracker: Which Dems Are Big-Wigs Backing?

We’ve rounded up every celeb endorsement in the 2020 field, from Cardi B to George R.R. Martin

As the field of 2020 candidates begins to narrow, celebrities–like all voters–are starting to get serious about picking someone to back in the primaries. We’ve rounded up every celebrity endorsement we could find, so you know who your faves support.

For our purposes, we’ve included everything from formal, official “endorsements,” to social media support, rally attendance, and financial donations. Since the race continues to evolve, that means that you’ll see some names appearing behind more than one candidate (yeah, we see you Katzenberg).

While campaign cash always comes in handy, do any other types of celebrity endorsements really sway voters? It’s not clear that they make a huge difference, but if you’re already inclined to support a certain candidate, knowing a performer you love backs them too might be the little extra push to go all-in for that individual.

“If people don’t like the celeb or don’t agree with them, that will not affect the voters’ decision,” CalState Fullerton political science professor Valerie O’Regan told the Washington Post. “If a voter likes the candidate and the celebrity, it will increase their likelihood of coming out and voting.”

Certain famous names are particularly sought after as endorsements–Oprah Winfrey, in particular. So far, she hasn’t made an official statement about the primary challengers; it’s likely that she, and many other A-listers, will hold their tongues until the party unites behind a single nominee.


Joe Biden Celebrity Endorsements

Nicole Avant (Source: Los Angeles Times)

Tom Hanks (Source: CNN)

Don Henley (Source: Los Angeles Times)

George R.R. Martin (Source: Elle)

Amy Sherman-Palladino (Source: Los Angeles Times)

George Takei (Source: Los Angeles Times)

John Kerry (Source: CNN)


Michael Bloomberg Celebrity Endorsements

Judge Judy (Source: New York Times)



Pete Buttigieg Celebrity Endorsements

Jennifer Aniston (Source: CNN)

Nicole Avant (Source: Los Angeles Times)

Steve Buscemi (Source: Los Angeles Times)

Kevin Costner (Source: Deadline)

David Cross (Source: Elle)

Alan Cumming (Source: Elle)

Ted Danson (Source: Los Angeles Times)

Larry David (Source: CNN)

Zooey Deschanel (Source: Los Angeles Times)

Ellen DeGeneres (Source: CNN)

Mark Duplass (Source: Elle)

Harvey Fierstein (Source: Los Angeles Times)

David Geffen (Source: Los Angeles Times)

Spike Jonze (Source: Los Angeles Times)

Jane Lynch (Source: Deadline)

Seth MacFarlane (Source: Elle)

Alyssa Milano (Source: Los Angeles Times)

Mandy Moore (Source: USA Today)

Ryan Murphy (Source: People)

Gwyneth Paltrow (Source: CNN)

Anne Rice (Source: Elle)

Emmy Rossum (Source: Elle)

Sarah Silverman (Source: Los Angeles Times)

Stephen Sondheim (Source: Los Angeles Times)

Sharon Stone (Source: People)

Bradley Whitford (Source: CNN)

Sharon Stone (Source: CNN)

George Takei (Source: CNN)

Anna Wintour (Source: People)


Tulsi Gabbard Celebrity Endorsements

Jack Dorsey (Source: CNN)


Amy Klobuchar Celebrity Endorsements

James Brooks (Source: Los Angeles Times)

Teri Hatcher (Source: People)

Jeffrey Katzenberg (Source: Los Angeles Times)

Jane Lynch (Source: People)


Bernie Sanders Celebrity Endorsements

Cardi B (Source: Elle)

Brandi Carlisle (Source: Elle)

Miley Cyrus (Source: People)

John Cusack (Source: Elle)

Rob Delaney (Source: Elle)

Danny DeVito (Source: Elle)

Danny Glover (Source: New York Times)

Ariana Grande (Source: Glamour)

Norah Jones (Source: Elle)

Milla Jovovich (Source: Los Angeles Times)

Jason Mraz (Source: Elle)

Jack Nicholson (Source: People)

Emily Ratajkowski (Source: Elle)

Mark Ruffalo (Source: Los Angeles Times)

Susan Sarandon (Source: Washington Post)

Chloë Sevigny (Source: Elle)

Shailene Woodley (Source: CNN)


Elizabeth Warren Celebrity Endorsements

Julián Castro (Source: People)

Melissa Etheridge (Source: Glamour)

Jane Fonda (Source: Elle)

Roxane Gay (Source: CNN)

Scarlett Johansson (Source: CNN)

Jeffrey Katzenberg (Source: Los Angeles Times)

Norman Lear (Source: Los Angeles Times)

John Legend (Source: CNN)

Bette Midler (Source: CNN)

Rosie O’Donnell (Source: CNN)

Sarah Jessica Parker (Source: Elle)

Rhea Perlman (Source: Los Angeles Times)

Bonnie Raitt (Source: Los Angeles Times)

Megan Rapinoe (Source: People)

Ryan Reynolds (Source: CNN)

Shonda Rhimes (Source: CNN)

Amy Schumer (Source: CNN)

Martin Sheen (Source: New York Times)

Gloria Steinem (Source: Los Angeles Times)

Chrissy Teigen (Source: CNN)

Lily Tomlin (Source: Los Angeles Times)

Jonathan Van Ness (Source: CNN)


Andrew Yang Celebrity Endorsements

Nicholas Cage (Source: Elle)

Noah Centineo (Source: Los Angeles Times)

Dave Chappelle (Source: People)

Rivers Cuomo (Source: Spin)

Donald Glover (Source: Los Angeles)

Norm Macdonald (Source: People)

Elon Musk (Source: People)

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