Celebrity Carmaggedon Is Upon Us

The Los Angeles Police Department has called upon celebrities like Lady Gaga, Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, and Kim Kardashian to spread the word about the upcoming 405 closure to their millions of followers on Twitter. So far, not one of them has tweeted a “Carmaggedon” alert. But a survey of their recent tweets reveals several that could apply:  

@mrskutcher (Demi Moore): This is an overwhelming global problem but together I believe we can end this! 
26 Jun

@KimKardashian (Kim Kardashian): Stop being noisy! 
27 Jun 

@mrskutcher: Love Brazil! 
18 Apr

@KimKardashian: So annoyed… 
13 hours ago 

@ladygaga (Lady Gaga): I can’t stop crying… 
24 Jun 

@aplusk (Ashton Kutcher): Dangerous Optimism: a misguided belief that the intuition of planners is as precise & reliable as mankind’s accumulated scientific expertise 
19 Jun

@ladygaga: Never be afraid to dream. 
16 Jun

@aplusk: Congratulations Mexico. Well deserved win. 
25 Jun 

@KimKardashian: Turn it on…KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS! NOW ON E! Let’s go! 
26 Jun