Democracy is Sexy, as the Celeb Thirst Traps-for-Votes Trend Reminds Us

The racy pics tell social media users that if they’ve got time to scroll, they’ve got time to vote

Posting provocative photos on social media–often referred to as thirst traps–is a reliable way to boost your “likes.” Recently, celebs have been playing with their fans’ eagerness to encourage some offline engagement, and encouraging them to get out the vote.

The posts range from the simple (Michael B. Jordan’s chest with the caption “Vote Early”) to more elaborate (a costumed and choreographed Lizzo, twerking for democracy), but they all share the same energy.

If you have time to scroll celebrity social media, they seem to be telling fans, you have time to return your ballot. Here are a few of our favorite examples of the trend.

Kylie Jenner

Michael B. Jordan

Hailey Baldwin Bieber


Sterling K. Brown


Kendrick Sampson

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