Caylee Cowan ‘Trying Not To Think’ About L.A. Intruder Morning of Film Premiere (Exclusive)

“It’s kind of one of those things where I didn’t want it to be in the public,” actress tells LAMag

Caylee Cowan isn’t allowing her frightening encounter with an intruder spoil her big moment at the L.A. premiere of her latest film Frank and Penelope. 

“I just kind of tried not to think too much about it,” Cowan told Los Angeles on the red carpet. “It’s kind of one of those things where I didn’t want it to be in the public because it’s dangerous. It’s not a safe thing to speak on.” 

According to TMZ, Cowan was alone Tuesday morning when she woke up to a man in her bedroom staring down at her. Cops predicted the intruder broke into her home around 3AM, but Cowan’s scream scared him out of the house. While LAPD raced to the scene, they spotted the guy running down the street and he was arrested and booked for burglary. 

Though Cowan’s boyfriend, Casey Affleck wasn’t home for the scary incident, he did appear at the film’s premiere to support his leading lady. Frank and Penelope is a story of love and violence when a man on his emotional last legs finds a savior seductively dancing in a run-down strip club. And a life most certainly headed off a cliff suddenly becomes redirected as everything is now worth dying for.

“It is a genre bending film. I wouldn’t say it’s a romance and I wouldn’t say it’s all horror and I wouldn’t say it’s technically all thriller, but it’s kind of a mix of all of those,” she said. “I think it’s a road movie. That’s what genre I would put it in.” 

The film shot in Terlingua, Texas, where there were long days in 110+ degree temperatures. 

“It’s difficult to act when you’re in physical pain because a lot of the times actors are making themselves cry or putting ourselves in uncomfortable and very unglamorous conditions and heat, extreme heat is one of those because you’re sweating and you’re dehydrated,” Cowan said. “I knew it was really bad when the set medic had an IV in her arm.” 

“Thankfully we had cooling trucks, Gatorade, water and IVs, so we had a lot of methods to staying cool,” she added.

Nonetheless, Cowan credits director and writer Sean Patrick Flanery for keeping the cast in good spirits. 

“It was a great experience because Sean is an actor, so he can teach us so much about how to act while we’re making the film,” she concluded. 

Frank and Penelope is in theaters now.

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