This Cat Café Has a Plan for Getting Back at Your Ex

Can cat pee cure a broken heart?

Local cat café Crumbs & Whiskers has devised a new way to seek revenge on the ex-lovers who’ve broken your heart. And, while it may lack some of the drama of, say, Angela Basset torching a car in Waiting to Exhale, it’s also a lot less likely to land you in jail.

Until the end of February, you can submit the name of your ex or enemy online (in case Taylor Swift is reading this, they will accept up to 10 names at a time). Send it in along with a small donation to Crumbs & Whiskers’ charity partners, Stray Cat Alliance and Homeward Trails Animal Rescue, and the names will then be written on a new litter box for the Crumbs & Whiskers kitty corps. Then you can rest assured a cathartic rain of cat fluids will eventually fall upon all those who have spurned you.

Will your ex ever know they were pooped upon? Perhaps not. But you will, because Crumbs & Whiskers will send you photographic proof of your desired names at the bottom of the cat box. You can also come into the café and Sharpie the name on yourself, if that makes you feel better. Whatever you need to do to heal.

Crumbs & Whiskers, 7924 Melrose Ave., Beverly Grove

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