Candytopia Is Ready to Bring Your Willy Wonka Daydreams to Life

Who wants candy?

Anyone who saw Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory as a kid dreamed of entering the magical, edible room where Wonka sings “Pure Imagination.” Wonka and his factory are fictional, but Jackie Sorkin, candy stylist and star of TLC’s Candy Queen, dreamed of creating something similar in real life, and now she has.

Starting in December she’s inviting lucky ticket-holders to step inside her candy-filled dreams with a pop-up called Candytopia. These tickets aren’t quite as rare as Willy Wonka’s, but they are expected to sell out. Ticket sales ($30 for adults, $23 for kids 4-12) start Thursday, November 16, at noon.

Upon arriving at L.A. Hangar Studios (2627 Medford St), Candytopia visitors will experience a sweeter version of reality. Sorkin describes her latest project as “an entirely new, sugary world of awesomeness,” and says, “Now more than ever, who doesn’t need an escape from reality? Candytopia is about unconventional fun, breaking a rule or two, and having a fantastically yummy time.”

Photograph courtesy of Candytopia

When you hear about a candy-themed popup, you first question might be is it edible? (After all, those thousands of sprinkles at Museum of Ice Cream are actually plastic.)

“While many of the installations and environments are created with thousands of different pieces of candy, they are not edible for guests,” Sorkin says. “However, as you stroll, skip, play, jump, and twirl your way through Candytopia, you will be treated to samples of many different types of candy to enhance your experience. From sours and gummies to chocolate, nostalgic favorites, and more, there will be no candy shortages happening in Candytopia. We promise!”

Candytopia opens to the public on December 15. If you don’t get tickets, you should still expect to catch a glimpse of the sugary paradise in your Instagram feed around then. After a limited, three-month run in Los Angeles, Sorkin and her cofounders plans to bring the sugary paradise to other cities.

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