Can You Guess Which Jeff Koons Balloon Animal Is Being Built at LACMA as We Speak?

It’s going to be pretty bananas

It kind of looks like a hot dog at the moment, or one of those Banana Boats that people ride when they’re on vacation in Florida, but it’s neither a giant casing full of edible pig parts nor an inflatable mode of transportation meant to resemble a long yellow fruit. It does kind of have to do with that long yellow fruit, though.

Photograph by Marielle Wakim

Right now, a team of people are putting together one of Jeff Koons’ enormous balloon animals in the middle of LACMA’s Los Angeles Times Central Court, not unlike the blue dog you’ve likely snapped a selfie in front of at the Broad. What you see in the photo above is the very beginnings of [drum roll]: A monkey.

The tail and front paws are all that’s assembled at the moment, but once every piece is in place, the monkey will be covered with the trademark mirror-polished stainless steel on all of the animals in Koons’ menagerie. Here’s what you can expect it to look like when it’s finished (no word yet from LACMA as to when that is, nor as to what color it will be in its final form):

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The courtyard’s been looking a little bare ever since Jesús Rafael Soto’s super-Instagrammable Penetrable, lovingly known as the yellow spaghetti, was uninstalled in February. Certainly a 12-and-a-half foot long, 5 ton primate will fill the void. Just remember, no monkeying around.

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