Britney Spears and Her Dad Trade New Legal Blows On Eve of a Major Court Date

In the run-up to September 29, the pop star’s legal team has accused dad Jamie Spears of ’horrifying and unconscionable invasions of his adult daughter’s privacy’

Just as the world’s getting its first gander at director Erin Lee Carr’s Britney vs Spears documentary on Netflix, the pop star and her pop, Jamie Spears, are exchanging a fresh round of accusations in their long battle over control of the singer’s life and vast fortune.

The parties will be back in L.A. Superior Court Wednesday for another hearing as Britney fights to end her father’s role as conservator of her estate, and both have filed documents brimming with allegations of wrongdoing for the occasion.

On Monday, Brit’s lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, submitted a third supplement to a petition asking for Jamie Spears to be removed as conservator, accusing him of the possibly illegal surveillance of his daughter and of trying to delay giving up his position, despite promising to do so last month.

“Mr. Spears was, of course, never fit to serve, for all of the many compelling reasons already contained in the record, ranging from his lack of financial acumen, to his bankruptcy, to his reported alcoholism, to the trauma he caused his daughter since childhood, to the Domestic Violence Restraining Order recently issued against him,” Rosengart wrote in his filing, obtained by the Los Angeles Times.

Rosengart referred to a September 24 New York Times story and a previous documentary, Controlling Britney Spears, to back up the spying allegations, writing that the paper “reported that Mr. Spears engaged in horrifying and unconscionable invasions of his adult daughter’s privacy. Specifically, the Times reported that he and others ‘ran an intense surveillance apparatus that monitored [Ms. Spears’s] communications’ and also evidently captured attorney-client communications with her prior lawyer… a sacrosanct part of the legal system.”

While Jamie did file a motion do be dropped as conservator on September 7, he stated in an August 12 filing that while he intended to step down, there was no pressing legal reason that would necessitate the move.

Noting that California requires both parties to consent to recording private conversations, Rosengart mocked Jamie Spears’s claim as “legally and factually preposterous,” adding, “Mr. Spears’s latest efforts at delay must be rejected; he must be suspended on September 29th; followed by the prompt termination of the conservatorship.”

Meanwhile, Jamie—whose lawyer declined to comment to the Los Angeles Times—objects to the man Britney and Rosengart have chosen to replace him, claiming that certified public accountant John Zabel doesn’t have the necessary financial acumen to manage Britney’s money.

In a court document obtained by TMZ, the elder Spears says Team Britney’s description of Zabel as a senior CPA with “executive experience in finance and in the entertainment industry,” does not make him “highly qualified” to watch over the superstar and the $60 million she still has left.

Jamie further contends that Zabel is not up to the task because he allegedly lost $1 million of his own money in a fraudulent real estate deal.

Additionally, Jamie Spears is still maintaining that there’s no reason to get rid of him in the first place, arguing that no one has yet proven him to be awful at the job.

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