“Breaking Bad”: The Final Episode Poll

Think you know how the series will wrap up its unfinished business? Here’s a ballot for your betting pool

This Sunday night, Breaking Bad will finally come to an end. Sixty-one episodes of ambition, ego, deception, and meth-fueled chaos have built to this: the 75-minute finale. How will Walter White, to say nothing of the show’s producers, wrap up all that unfinished business

Sure, we’d love to see Marie die (probably not gonna happen) and we’re hoping the final shot is of a sweaty Saul Goodman selling doughnuts in Omaha (definitely not gonna happen). Aside from that, we have a lot of questions—and opinions—about how Breaking Bad could end. You probably do too. Just like when you watch the Oscars.

There are plenty of ballots for your Oscar pool. Why hasn’t someone created a ballot for the Breaking Bad finale? Well, we just did.

What becomes of Skylar? What characters do we never see again? Who speaks the last line of the show? We tackle all of this and more in our Breaking Bad final episode poll. Getting the ending right might just make you feel like Heisenberg—without all the messy consequences.

☞ Take the Breaking Bad final episode poll here.