Break Out Your Spiced Rum and PJs: Andy Cohen Is Hosting NBC’s New Year’s Eve Game Night

Cancel all pending plans

Put down your glittered tiara and do not withdraw $500 because there is no need for you to go anywhere at all on New Year’s Eve. Andy Cohen will be hosting a live edition of NBC’s Hollywood Game Night on December 31, called—appropriately—New Year’s Eve Game Night With Andy Cohen, and that’s really all anyone has ever needed.

NBC’s NYE show is usually hosted by Carson Daly, and Hollywood Game Night is usually hosted by Jane Lynch. Daly will join Cohen just before midnight, but Lynch will take the night off to do other things that are probably very awesome.

Few details have been made public about the NYE show yet, but we do know that it will feature eight celebrities facing off in an epic battle of  minds (and likely drawing skills) and that Gwen Stefani will join up with Cohen and Daly towards the end of the evening, aka the end of the year.

Cohen goes on at 10:00 p.m.