What Will Boston’s “Straight Pride Parade” Look Like? People Have Some Ideas

Good thing you live in L.A., huh

While the month of June tends to usher in the joie de vivre of summer, it also casts a pall of anonymity over one demographic of Americans: straight people, who are cast aside as the rest of the country celebrates LGBT Pride. But one group of straight Bostonians refuses to go gentle into that good night, announcing their intentions to hold a straight pride parade in Beantown this August.

“This is a chance to have a patriotic parade in Boston as we celebrate straight pride,” wrote Mark Sahady, vice president of the straight advocacy group Super Happy Fun America, in a Facebook post. Sahady also doubles as an organizer for Resist Marxism, a group with ties to the far right.

The move to hold a parade is a response to an earlier attempt by the group to “raise the straight pride flag on the Boston City Hall flag poles,” according to a blog post on the site. “The city of Boston was chosen to launch this important new civil rights campaign due to its historic significance and reputation as a progressive city.”

But when the city famous for a tea party did not embrace the idea, Super Happy Fun America decided to launch an education campaign to raise awareness of the straight community. As a part of that effort, they applied for a parade permit and, again, the city rejected their request. This time, though, they filed a discrimination complaint, according to Sahady, and the city “is now working with us on the parade.”

While the parade has not yet been approved, the announcement went viral nonetheless. Over 2,600 miles from Boston, Angelenos had some fun imagining exactly what a straight pride parade would look like, here are some ideas.

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