Book Look


It’s time to shake things up. That’s what Dave Brown says, anyway, in the introduction to his book, I Swear to Good You are God at This; An inspiring guide to being creative and making awesome.

If the “making awesome” part makes you bristle, bear withvme—with Dave—a minute longer. Despite his use of “LOL” and “OMG” the guy’s tuned in. The book, which is currently available through Dave’s company, Holiday Matinee, showcases the work of 25 creatives who are rethinking—if not reinventing—their fields of work, oftentimes to better the world. And he’s right, they’re doing interesting things. Take Good 50X70 for example: The non-profit holds an annual poster design contest. The entries,which must confront several of the critical issues affecting today’s world, are then supplied at no cost to charities for use. The book also features artists from L.A.: Diego Stocco, who creates music with sand, and Good Neighbor, a sketch comedy group that happens to be performing at UCB tonight.

Pulled together, the businesses and people in I Swear to Good make a pretty inspiring case for creative social consciousness. I’m “down with the revolution.”