Bitchin’ Kitchen Chef Nadia G Is Shaming Online Woman-Haters in a New Web Series

“Harassment is a bigger part of my daily routine than flossing”

Today is International Women’s Day, and in honor of it, celebrity chef Nadia G is launching a Web series called Creep Shaming With Nadia G. The Bitchin’ Kitchen star is using the show to do exactly what it sounds like: call out the douchebags among us who troll and insult women online.

Creep Shaming features celebrity guests divulging the worst things they’ve read about themselves from anonymous assholes on the Internet—not unlike Jimmy Kimmel’s Mean Tweets series—and as you might expect, some of the comments are straight misogynistic, some are just gross, and some simply betray the commenter’s shameless stupidity.

Here, Nadia talks about how she came up with the idea for the show, why she decided to launch it, and what the “Golden Douchebag Award” is.

How did you come up with the idea of “creep-shaming”? What made you want to turn it into a show?
I’ve never been afraid to call out the pervs publicly and “creep shaming”—both as a series and as a general principle—is the way I’ve come to deal with male entitlement on the Interwebs. I decided to turn it into a series after a Perv Shaming article of mine went viral and I received a ton of positive comments from both women and men. I realized that “creep shaming” was a bonafide way of turning a negative experience into something empowering. When you’re subjected to vile insults on a regular basis, it can make you feel isolated. However, connecting with other folks who are also dealing with the same crap creates a community. Being vocal about harassment helps diffuse the angst to the point that it can actually becomes funny…at the perp’s expense.

Have you been harassed online? What’s the worst thing you’ve ever heard (or read), and how did you respond?
Harassment is a bigger part of my daily routine than flossing. From the run-of-the-mill pervy troll having a verbal wank to the more colorful and explicit rape/death threats, on average I receive about ten unsolicited, nasty messages a week. The worst was when I became the focal point of a 4Chan “raid” (where a bunch of keyboard commandos stop playing World of Warcraft for an evening to spam your social feeds with vitriol). How I choose to respond is, well, LOUDLY. No social issue has ever been resolved by “politely ignoring” the situation.

How many episodes have you filmed so far?
We’re in production and scheduled to shoot a full 13 episodes!

YouTuber/comedian Gaby Dunn is your first guest. Any other exciting visitors coming up?
Gaby Dunn is incredible, ditto for all the women who participated in this series! Taryn Southern, Trisha Hershberger—we have so many exceptionally talented, brave, and hilarious guests. It takes a lot of guts to revisit nasty messages, and even more so to have a laugh about it.

You and Gaby honored one lucky troll with the Golden Douchebag Award. Will you be giving one out on every episode? What does someone have to do to qualify?
Yep, every episode has a winner! And by “winner” we mean “a socially inept loser” who gets called out by his actual online handle and receives “The Golden Douchebag Award.” Too many men think the Internet is some magical playground where they can harass women without consequences. Creep Shaming is all about holding these buttnuggets accountable for their actions. Sure, they may think its a “funny joke” to harass women; let’s see if their boss/mom/wife/daughter feels the same way once their behavior is broadcast on a national scale.