Big Bird Does Birdman and It’s Amazing

The voice of <em>Sesame Street</em>’s Big Bird takes on Michael Keaton’s tortured <em>Birdman</em> character

“Maybe we should have done that Raymond Carver play. How did we get here? How did we get to Sesame Street?” In a video entitled Big Birdman or The Virtue of Orange Pants released yesterday, 81-year-old Carroll Spinney, who has voiced the Sesame Street character Big Bird for the past 45 years, takes on the Oscar nominated existential drama Birdman, and the result is hilarious. Spinney sits in his dressing room when all of a sudden the poster behind him comes to life. With a Big Bird internal monologue and a jazzy soundtrack, the lampooning of Birdman‘s somber tone is spot on. “How many different ways can you learn the alphabet? Lots, apparently.”