What Does the New Behind-the-Scenes Better Call Saul Video Reveal About the Show?

Sadly, not much

WHAT: AMC released a new “behind the scenes” video for Better Call Saul, the hotly anticipated Breaking Bad spinoff that’s slated to debut in February. What does it tell us about the show?

THE VERDICT: The short answer is nothing. This snoozefest of a “teaser” features mostly below-the-line production staffers talking about how terrific Better Call Saul is. Because if you thought otherwise you’d definitely say it on video. Also, Bob Odenkirk loves the show and loves playing Saul Goodman. Stop the presses. This is the sort of clip that once upon a time would have been relegated to an EPK (an Electronic Press Kit in non-industry terms). The videos in these EPKs are mainly used by infotainment shows to fill time between segments about  catfights and celeb pregnancies; sometimes they end up on a movie’s DVD extras. That’s where they belong. Instead, they’re being released as revelatory teasers. In this case it’s to promote the new Better Call Saul Facebook page, which contains an equally blah image of the front door of Saul’s office back when he was still James McGill. Look, we’re already huge fans of Saul–and of Saul. It’s been more than 11 months since we got our last fix of Breaking Bad. We’re in serious withdrawal. If AMC wants to get the monkey off our back, the network needs to release a clip that’s longer than ten seconds from the show! Until thin, this thinly veiled marketing video is just a cruel tease. At least it has a few good soundbites. As special effects supervisor Werner Hanlein says of working on the set, “It’s definitely like a high school reunion. With great people. Not like high school.”