The Pet Halloween Costumes that Are Killing Us with Cuteness

Pets wearing costumes is one of the last pure joys we have

Pets wearing costumes is the best thing about Halloween. Sure, there are some fun parties or whatever, but the true star of the season is seeing furry friends trotted out around town in ridiculous outfits. Below, we’ve collected some adorable photos of the best pet costumes we’ve seen online, many of them taken over the weekend at the annual Haute Dog Howloween Parade in Long Beach.

“Pup in Smoke”

Pizza Delivery Doggo

Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion

An Eevee Pokemon

Majestic Unicorn


The Twins from The Shining

Witchy Pup

Poodle Pineapple (Pine-pup-le?)

He Was a Sk8r Cat

Tiny Camel


Literal Dodger Dog

Candy Corn

Butterfly Pig and Pumpkin Pup

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