Step Inside a Storied L.A. Stained-Glass Factory

The Judson Studios is offering the city’s best factory tour

Founded in 1897, the Judson Studios is lauded for its stained-glass creations. Head to the original HQ to see how things are pieced together. Here’s more about the storied stained-glass factory, by the numbers

5 Generations

Time the Judsons have owned the biz. It became a hub for members of the Arroyo Craftsman movement in the early 1900s.

3,478 Square Feet

Size of the Judson-made Resurrection Window in Kansas’s Church of the Resurrection. At $3.4 million and nearly as big as a basketball court, it’s the world’s largest stained-glass window.

500 Colors

Number of glass hues the studio stocks.


How much a single square foot of Judson stained glass could set you back. “We consider the artistry and production when determining how much it is,” says the studio’s Kyle Mickelson.

200 S. Ave. 66, Highland Park,

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