2016 Gave us the Greatest Local Car Chase of All-Time

Soooooo it wasn’t all bad

There are car chases. And there are car chases where the criminals throw a hamburger at a TMZ Tour bus. On April 7, 2016, we witnessed the second kind. It was a chase so extraordinary, so self-aware, so social media age, that we cannot let this rotten husk of a year pass without acknowledging its place in history. (Disclaimer: car chases are bad, never drive away from police, because that is bad, and don’t commit crime so you can be on TV, also bad.)

Let’s do some donuts down Memory Lane…

The 90-minute chase started, as they do, with police in pursuit of two burglary suspects in Cerritos. Yawn. Wait. HOLD ON. What’s happening here? Why is the convertible top halfway down in the rain? Why is the passenger standing up in his seat like he’s actively participating in the driving of the vehicle? You, sirs, have our attention.

Rather than drive to Mexico and start new lives as law-abiding valets, our guys exited the freeway in Hollywood, drove for a bit on the Walk of Fame and ran red lights. In other words, they seamlessly blended into local traffic.

The public, watching all of this unfold on television, and possibly drunk, had been won over.

You may have noticed the precipitation. You may also be aware of a literary concept called Chekhov’s Gun.

Here it is. The moment we all realized we’re going to be talking about this car chase forever. A TMZ tour bus tries to save the day and is pelted with a hamburger (or possibly a sandwich) for trying to dispense sweet highway justice.

The TMZ bus at least slowed the guys down a little, unlike this police officer (throwing a spike strip) who may or may not be the quarterback of the Rams right now.

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Now, there are a few ways this can end. A crash. A hail of gunfire. Or, with these guys, in line for hot dogs at Pink’s. If you guessed any of those, you were wrong. They drove home and waited to be arrested.

Driver Herschel Reynolds, 20, and Isaiah Dewayne Young, 19, were sentenced to two years in prison in October. These were their last moments of freedom, which they spent taking selfies.

Relive the whole spectacle…

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