“Bed Cinema” Is an Outdoor Screening Series With Actual Beds, and It’s Coming to L.A.

When a picnic blanket or a lawn chair just won’t do

It’s pretty hard to top the magic of an outdoor movie screening in L.A. But it’s also hard to top the magic of watching a movie from the comfort of your bed. Now, finally, a hero among us has combined the two for what can only be described as a peak outdoor movie situation.

This August, Bed Cinema lands in Venice, and while it’s not the catchiest name, it certainly tells you what you’re going to get: First, a bed (all 150+ on site will be doubles and apparently “fit three people,” even though double literally means two, so maybe make your third friend get a bed of their own), and second, some cinema (purportedly of the “blockbuster” variety, though a lineup has yet to be announced).

Photograph courtesy Bed Cinema

Details for this thing are scant, but we do know that tickets are a little steep—$35 per person or $65 for a couple (compare that to Cinespia’s $12 to $20 range). One perk is that the cost includes pillows and blankets, which seems generous but also super practical. There will also be a nightstand next to every table, presumably to hold the booze you BYOB’d.

If you’re not trying to drop that kind of cash on a movie, bookable lawn spots are available for $10. At that point, though, we’d suggest you just go to ArcLight because the first rule of Bed Cinema is that the whole point is to watch a movie outside in a bed.

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