Here Are the Most Beautiful Photos of the Super Moon from Around the World

We haven’t seen a full moon this close to the earth since 1948

At a time when it feels like politics have torn the world apart, it takes a once-in-seventy-years celestial event to bring us back together. Drop the words “super moon,” and we’ll all be out on our porches snapping iPhone photos of the night sky, feeling some sense of camaraderie in the fact that everyone else out there (time zones permitting) is doing the same.

We’ve seen super moons before, but last night’s was bigger and brighter and more magical than usual, and we haven’t experienced one like this since 1948. The moon hit peak superness this morning at 3:23, but if you didn’t catch it then, it’ll still be unusually close to the earth tonight. Here are a few of the most spectacular photos of last night’s lunar event.

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