Back in Time


I’ve been a true fan of 24 for eight seasons. I hung in there—and vocally, too—when the FOX hit, famous for its heart-stopping twists and turns, missed some marks. But a show’s funeral is no place for pointing bloody fingers (or missing thumbs). Now that the series’ clock’s wound all the way down, a list of the 24 most shocking, exciting, fun, and all around whisper-shout-worthy BEST moments of 24, in season order:

24. Alan York is not Kim Bauer’s friend’s father (day 1)
23. Nina Myers kills Teri Bauer (day 1)
22. Marie Warner turns a gun on her sister Kate (day 2)
21. Tony Almeida and Michelle Dessler are married (season 3)
20. Jack Bauer pulls the trigger on his partner, Chase Edmunds, during a game of Russian roulette to keep his cover (day 3)
19. Jack executes Ryan Chappelle, regional division director of CTU (day 3)
18. Ramon Salazar shoots Hector Salazar in the back (day 3)
17. Michelle does not have the Cordilla virus (day 3)
16. Julia Milliken shoots Sherry Palmer and herself (day 3)
15. Jack cuts off Chase’s hand (day 3)
14. Dina Araz tells Behrooz’s dead girlfriend’s mom that Debbie can’t come to the phone (day 4)
13. Behrooz Araz shoots his father  (day 4)
12. Chloe O’Brien shoots her attacker (day 4)
11. President David Palmer is assassinated (day 5)
10. Edgar Stiles dies in a nerve gas attack at CTU (day5)
9. Jack shoots Christopher Henderson’s wife in the leg (day 5)
8. Martha Logan has a relationship with Agent Aaron Pierce (day 6)
7. Tony is alive (day 7)
6. Jack burries Renee Walker alive to keep his cover (day 7)
5. Bill Buchanan goes rogue          (day 7)
4. Jack and Renee get intimate (day 8)
3. Renee Walker is killed by sniper fire (day 8)
2. Jack kidnaps President Logan (day 8)
1. Chloe shoots Jack (day 8)

Tell us what you think. Were you satisfied by series the finale?