Back in Time and Space


The Perseid meteor shower lit up the sky last week, but I only just now got my hands on the photos production manager Denise Philibert took in Garlock, north of the Mojave Desert. She was slightly disappointed—and fought exhaustion for the next few days—but the pics are dark, beautiful, and transporting. Perfect for a mid-week daydream.


“The Perseid meteor shower. We saw a bunch of amazing meteors, but it was more like a sprinkle. The moon was too bright. This is the only one captured.”

“More stars.”

“At 4 a.m. some are still waiting for the big show. Some are not.”

“Stars and glass.”

“Light pollution peeking over the mountains.”

“I’m happy that I have spontaneous friends. We drove two hours to the desert at 11 p.m. on a work night. We were so excited to see something amazing. Maybe next year. But it was a fun experience anyway, kind of like a mini camping trip.”

“Garlock, CA, an old ghost town 126 miles north of L.A.”

“He’s not alone.”

“Searching the sky…”