Babs Grab


It feels like everyone is unloading nowadays, doesn’t it? Barbra Streisand is anyway—over 500 personal items from her three homes were up for grabs this past weekend during Julien’s Auctions’ online auction to benefit The Streisand Foundation, which supports a number of causes including the Natural Resources Defense Council and People for the American Way. Among the loot: a Yamaha baby grand piano, designer concert gowns, furniture (who knew she’d go for wicker?), and lots and lots of shoes sized 8.5 – 9.5. 

A preview was hosted at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Friday night, so we did what any self-respecting Funny Girl fan would—we hit the Beverly Hilton with a camera in hand. Some of the items could have been shinier, but then again tomorrow will be brighter than the good old days.

A Drik Van Erp table lamp brought in $30,000 for the foundation, and an L & JF Stickley china cabinet fetched a cool $15,000. Bet you could hold a lot of Barbara Streisand memorabilia in a cabinet like that.