Axl Rose Takes on Steven Mnuchin in a Weird Twitter Feud

The Guns N’ Roses frontman isn’t a fan of the Treasury Secretary’s travel advice

In one of those fights where the audience tends to be the big winner, Guns N’ Roses frontman and prominent Trump critic Axl Rose took to Twitter on Wednesday to call Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin an asshole.

“It’s official!” Rose tweeted. “Whatever anyone may have previously thought of Steve Mnuchin he’s officially an asshole.”

According to the Washington Post, Rose—who has 1.2 million followers and follows exactly zero people—was apparently miffed that Mnunchin had told Fox Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo in an interview Monday that Americans should travel around the U.S. in lieu of international jet-setting for the duration of the pandemic.

“This is a great time for people to explore America,” Mnuchin said. “A lot of people haven’t seen many parts of America. I wish I could get back on the road soon.”

Mnuchin, who was a banker and movie producer before being handed a cabinet position by Donald Trump, Tweeted back, “What have you done for the country lately?” followed by what he likely thought was a U.S. flag emoji. Sadly, as the Post reports, instead of posting the 50-starred Old Glory, Mnuchin signed off with the one-star spangled banner of Liberia.

Mnuchin was quick to switch out the Liberian flag for an American one, but Rose had already spotted the snafu, responding, “My bad I didn’t get we’re hoping 2 emulate Liberia’s economic model,” before laying out the reason behind his attack.

“But on the real ,” he wrote, “unlike this admin I’m not responsible for 70k+ deaths n’ unlike u I don’t hold a fed gov position of responsibility 2 the American people n’ go on TV tellin them 2 travel the US during a pandemic.”

Rose and Mnuchin didn’t exchange any more words, but roughly 5,000 people felt the urge to weigh in. And one patriot reminded everyone exactly what Axl Rose has done for the country…

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