Artist Mike Parillo Depicts His L.A. With Loud Colors and Bold Designs


Many people who call L.A. home are transplants from somewhere else. They are drawn to the weather and Hollywood, and often times forget the art scene is a vibrant rival to powerhouses like New York and London. Mike Parillo is an artist that defines Los Angeles; He’s a born and bred Angeleno who continues to live and love in the city that gave him his first breath. Drawn to loud and bold designs, Parillo often presents them in a cacophony of colors. Take “Charlie,” for instance, Parillo’s penultimate artwork on view at CES gallery. You can’t look away, but you don’t want to: Instead, you want to absorb the piece and let it take ahold of you. Parillo’s brush strokes are energetic, and the canvas seems to move with you, begging you to follow the competing patterns and lines and to form your own narrative. After all, this city is what you make it. So, yes, “Charlie” is a metaphor.

There are plans for Parillo to hit the streets and bring his vibrancy to life on a wall near you. But, if you’re like me and wish that you could afford “Charlie” RIGHT NOW, you’ll have to make do with this rad snapback from Parillo’s Volcom collab inspired directly by “Charlie.”