Are We All Decorating Early for the Holidays This Year?

Our readers shared their reasons for speeding up the season

This year it feels like we were seeing holiday decorations popping up everywhere pretty early–from driving by big outdoor displays to catching glimpses of a tree behind a coworker on Zoom. And, in an anxious, difficult year, who can begrudge anything that might bring some cheer?

Last week, we asked our Instagram followers when they’re getting festive this year, and what’s going through their heads as they’re decking the halls. We’ve collected a few of the responses, from the joyful to the poignant.

  • I did it last week! Thought I could use some holiday cheer a bit early this year.”
  • This weekend! Why not? I’m home all the time and sick of our place. Let’s spruce it up.”
  • We started on Monday November 16. Since we will not be visiting family in L.A. this holiday season we will start taking in all the holiday spirit ASAP!”
  • I wish but I will be alone so there’s no point.”
  • “Tree went up on Nov 8th! If I’m stuck at home, might as well be surrounded by twinkle lights!
  • This pandemic has been very stressful so I’m bringing Christmas joy earlier.”
  • “Skipping Christmas this year.”
  • Christmas decorations went up when I took Halloween down, November 3.”
  • The day after Thanksgiving! Need that holiday cheer extra this year!”

We want to see however you’re celebrating in this most unusual of holiday seasons. Share your photos with us on Instagram by tagging @LAMag and #LAMagViews.

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