Anthony Anderson Reveals Past Rocky Road With ‘Black-ish’ Co-Star Tracee Ellis Ross

“I would do anything for her today and I believe she would do the same for me,” actor tells Los Angeles magazine at PaleyFest.

Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross played a married couple on ABC’s Black-ish for the past eight years, but apparently their off-screen relationship was a bit rocky when they first began filming. 

We hosted an award show and I made an off colored joke and I thought it was funny. The audience thought it was funny, but Tracee took offensive to it and from that day forward, hated my guts,” Anderson told Los Angeles magazine during PaleyFest at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood. 

The 51-year-old actor continued to share that it wasn’t until the cast was filming the middle of the first season that Ross confessed her frustrations with him, and tried to work out their beef. Anderson admitted that he was surprised and shocked that she harbored those feelings for all those years, but nonetheless couldn’t imagine having a better TV wife than Ross because their “magic is undeniable.” 

“It was a great script. She came in and read, and there was magic between us. There always was magic between us,” Anderson said. “I would do anything for her today and I believe she would do the same for me.” 

25 Emmy nominations and eight years later, the cast of Black-ish is saying their final farewell, a moment Anderson will never forget. 

“November 19th was a sad day in my life because that’s when we closed up what we were doing for the past eight seasons. I’ve gotten to grow and to know and to love my co-stars and I’ve got to watch children grow into grown adults and I’ve got to have a hand in their lives personally and professionally,” Anderson said. “It means a great deal so it was a very sad day when it came to an end.” 

That said, Anderson is proud of the impact Black-ish has made in addressing issues that directly affect the black community on national television. 

“We accomplished what we set out to do,” Anderson said. “We made a great show that resonated with an audience and made a difference and pushed the culture forward, all while entertaining. I think that’s what we’ve done while on the air for eight seasons.” 

The final episode of Black-ish airs Tuesday, April 19 on ABC.

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