Angelyne is Selling One of Her Pink Corvettes for the First Time, and We’re Celebrating with 19 Photos


Seeing billboard queen Angelyne cruise around town in her signature pink corvette is a Los Angeles rite of passage. (If you’ve somehow missed it, post up outside of the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf at 7915 Sunset Boulevard—she either loves their lattes or is writing Hollywood’s next great screenplay). Now, for the first time ever, she’s releasing one of her iconic pink chariots into the wild via eBay auction—specifically a 2008 model she’s held on to for some time. Perhaps the decision to sell was influenced by her recent run-in with a brick wall in the model she currently drives: About a month ago, Sweeney Todd’s Barber Shop owner Todd “Sween” Lahman posted a photo to the storefront’s Instagram with some suspicious findings.

It’s hard to say if the sale of her 2008 baby is intended to cover the cost of repairs on her current Corvette, but either way you have the chance to swap your Prius for something way cooler (and cheaper). Bidding started at $11,111 last Thursday, and at the time of publication, five active bidders have raised the price to just over $12,000. The auction is set to wrap up on Sunday.

Should you be the lucky winner, driving a hot pink car in rush hour is bound to inspire some photo ops. Serious buyers would do well to study Angelyne’s own posing techniques—after all, she is the master. (Steps one and two: buy a fan; perfect her one-legged flamingo stance.) Here are 19 of her best.


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