Andrew Tate, Misogynist Influencer of Boys, Arrested for Rape in Romania

Unfortunately, it wasn’t Greta Thunberg who got Andrew Tate busted, but she did make the woman-hater’s takedown extra hilarious

Former kickboxer and garbage human—ahem, “divisive social media personality“—Andrew Tate was arrested in Romania on Thursday on charges of rape and human trafficking.

The vociferously misogynist Tate and his brother, Tristan, along with two Romanians, were nabbed in an area north of Bucharest and detained for 24 hours, though the country’s anti-organized crime unit will be requesting an extension of the detention to 30 days, the Washington Post reports.

Prosecutors found “evidence that six women had been sexually exploited ‘using physical violence and mental constraint’ by members of the group,” according to NBC News. “The women had been forced into making pornographic content for distribution on social media for financial gain to the group.”

The sickening charges came in the wake of a social media war of words between Tate and climate activist Greta Thunberg, who responded to Tate’s tweeting at her about his supposed 33-car collection and its “enormous emissions” with a burn that lit up Twitter:

Tate predictably fired back with a video in which he belabored his thudding incomprehension of her joke and at one point used pizza boxes—bearing the name of local Romanian chain, Jerry’s Pizza—as a prop to underline his scorn for recycling.

A theory quickly grew that the boxes had been the tip-off officials needed to locate Tate.

Sadly, this idea was debunked by Ramona Bolla, spokesperson for DIICOT, the anti-organized crime agency. “She said the claims are ‘funny, but no,'” reports the Post.

The arrest is the latest escalation in a series of actions taken against Tate, who gained some public notoriety after he was kicked off the U.K.’s Big Brother in 2016 for a video that showed him hitting a woman with a belt. He subsequently emerged as a TikTok personality holding sway over impressionable young men with dangerously violent rhetoric, particularly towards women.

“The British-American kickboxer – who poses with fast cars, guns and portrays himself as a cigar-smoking playboy – talks about hitting and choking women, trashing their belongings and stopping them from going out. ‘It’s bang out the machete, boom in her face and grip her by the neck. Shut up bitch,’ he says in one video, acting out how he’d attack a woman if she accused him of cheating,” The Guardian reported.

Tate has also said that rape victims should “bear responsibility” for being raped, and hung around with fellow hate-speech luminaries such as Alex Jones, Donald Trump Jr. and Nigel Farage.

As LAmag reported in August, Tate styled himself as a men’s-rights guru who linked a luxe lifestyle with abusing and demeaning women. His mansion in Romania had previously been raided in April on the tip that “a 21-year-old American woman was being held against her will,” though no charges were ultimately filed.

Days afterward, Tate was banned from Facebook and Instagram, and later, he was gone from TikTok as well. He had been barred from Twitter since 2017—until new owner Elon Musk reinstated his account in November, along with other alt-right mouthpieces like Marjorie Taylor Greene and Jordan Peterson.

According to People, which cited a Romanian newspaper, Tate has been watched by Romanian officials since the investigation in April. The current series of charges state that “victims were made to believe they were entering into a marriage or a cohabitation relationship, but instead they were later transported to buildings in the Ilfov County, the area that surrounds Bucharest, where they were forced through physical violence and mental coercion into performing pornographic acts which were then disseminated through social media.”

So far, investigators have identified six victims who they believe were exploited by the group.”

Despite the disappointing revelation that Tate’s sad video rant at Thunberg was not responsible for his humiliating capture, the autistic activist still got in a last slap:

The New York Post reports that Jerry’s Pizza has since been enjoying a flood of online rave reviews: “Ordered the ‘Tiny Mushroom Special with Extra Cheese’. Pizza comes in an open and shut case. Perhaps a dish best served cold. Prices are criminal.”

Ultimately, even if Thunberg’s role in the arrest has been overstated, the dustup couldn’t have arrived at a more perfect moment for a karmic New Year’s:

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