Amy Schumer’s Irvine Set Disrupted By Lady Heckler

Schumer had the woman thrown out of the show

Amy Schumer is many things to many people: A woman in a man’s world, the lady who speaks for us all when it comes to sex, the gal who wasn’t afraid to write a comedy sketch about beauty standards in Hollywood.

But one thing she is not is a wallflower. Never was this more clear than on Sunday night, when Schumer became the target of an angry heckler mid-set at the Oddball Comedy Festival in Irvine. The heckler, it should be noted, was a lady as well, but the sisterhood apparently didn’t stop her from being “a jerk.” Schumer reportedly asked the woman to stop, and when she didn’t, the comedian requested that a security guard escort the woman and her friend out.

This isn’t Schumer’s first heckler rodeo. In 2009, the comedian booted another woman who got fresh at a show in Atlanta, GA. When the woman raised her hand apropos of nothing, Schumer responded, “This isn’t a class. Do you know that?”

The woman then, inexplicably, asked Schumer where she got her boots. “They’re at the corner of you can’t afford them and stop talking to me,” Schumer replied. “No, sorry, that was fucked up…have you ever seen the movie Searching for Bobby Fischer, when he’s like, ‘Take the draw,’ ’cause he knows he’s gonna win? Just remember that scene if you feel like talking again.”