Is Amazon Planning to Build an Actual Physical Building in L.A.?

These are the neighborhoods where a store could land

The Los Angeles Business Journal is reporting that Amazon is looking around the city for a place to add an actual physical store that you can walk into (as opposed to the seemingly invisible store we all summon goods from.)

From the LABJ:

Old Pasadena, Melrose Avenue, and Westfield Century City have been areas of interest, according to market sources. … There have also been rumors, still unconfirmed, that Amazon took a look at Westwood.

Amazon has been mum on any plans, but local real estate sources say it looks like things are in the works for the tremendously gigantic online retailer. The company has been busy of late building a presence on our meat-space world, with bookstores already built and now grocery stores to come. The first L.A. store would likely be a bookstore.

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