Alex Jones’ Courtroom Note to Sandy Hook Mom: ‘I’m Sorry’

“I saw a very lonely person,” said Sandy Hook parent Scarlett Lewis, who was on the receiving end of Jones’ written apologia

Infowars founder and Sandy Hook massacre denier Alex Jones, who just got destroyed by a $49.3 million decision against him in his Texas defamation trial for calling the massacre a hoax, has took such a total beat-down in court that even when he might have been trying to do the right thing, no one believes him.

For example, much like a grade schooler he passed a note to Scarlett Lewis, a Sandy Hook parent who lost her son Jesse. She and her husband are on the receiving end of the nearly $50 mil, and both spoke out against Jonez during the proceedings.

“On the last day before the punitive damages, he handed both [my husband] Neil and I a note, and it basically said he was very truly sorry and he wanted to extend an olive branch,” Lewis told CNN. Jones also expressed the desire to work with Lewis’ Choose Love Movement, a nonprofit she founded after her son was murdered along with 19 other children and six adults.

Asked whether or not she felt the note was sincere, Lewis said, “Well, I’m waiting. I have hope.”

Being up-close with Jones in the courtroom, Lewis said she “saw something I didn’t expect” in him.

“I saw a very lonely person,” Lewis said. “I saw somebody with a huge void, and I realized that was where the lies and the greed were coming from. To fill that. Of course… I know that the only thing that does fill that is love.”

Jones’ attorneys plan to appeal the verdict, according to the Associated Press . So maybe he’s sorry, but he hasn’t quite found religion.

Jones’ time in court has made for interesting times.

Last week, it was found that files sent by one of Jones’ attorneys to opposing counsel as part of the discovery process contained child porn, which Jones said he suspected was planted by Sandy Hook parents’ lawyer, Christopher Mattei, before breaking out into a bizarre rant.

“Total war! You want it, you got it!” Jones said, regarding Mattei. “I’m not into kids like your Democratic party… So get ready!”

The day before, opposing counsel revealed to him while he was on the stand that his own legal counsel accidentally sent a complete digital copy of his phone… to opposing counsel. From this, the other side was able to find Jones had been committing perjury.

“This is your Perry Mason moment,” Jones grumbled to the attorney who lorded the information over him and then taunted, “Do you know what perjury is?”

Oh, and Fox News hyena Tucker Carlson is reportedly “shitting himself” in fear of what the Jones phone leak might reveal.

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