Those Adorable 99-Cent Advent Calendars Are Back at TJ’s to See Us Through Holiday Armageddon

Behind those cardboard doors tiny chocolates are waiting

Now that the stores have cleared out all the Halloween merchandise, they’re stocking up on stockings—and festive wrapping paper, tree ornaments, and all the rest of it. If the impending holidays fill you with feelings of panic instead of joy, you may be tempted to avoid all retail establishments for the next two months, but don’t give up on Trader Joe’s just yet.

Photo by Lisa Beebe

Its 99-cent chocolate Advent calendars are back in stock, and this year, there’s even a cat-themed one with a “Meowy Christmas” message. If anything can successfully mitigate holiday stress, it’s the combination of chocolate and cat puns. Yes, the chocolates in these calendars are small, but something kind of magical happens if you eat one every day from December 1 to 24. They change your perception of time. Instead of feeling rushed to get everything done before December 25 and dreading every passing day, these bits of chocolate leave you wanting more. You may even look forward to the following day, and feel a sense of anticipation that reminds you of how exciting the countdown to Christmas was as a kid. What I’m saying is that TJ’s Advent calendar chocolates are the thin self-care line between sanity and a full-on ugly cry what-do-you-mean-Amazon-hasn’t-shipped-it-yet? holiday breakdown.

Judging by their popularity in previous years, these advent calendars will get harder to find as December approaches, so don’t wait. Holiday spirit comes in a box, and at Trader Joe’s, that box is only 99 cents.

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